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"Unique" Jump Starter - Don't care the polarity just whatever you clip

"Unique" Jump Starter

Unique Jump Starter
Unique Jump Starter With the same color

When the car lost power we need use jump start to solve the car.
In general, have to connection battery in right positive and negative pole to start car or will get damage if carelessness.
We, ZUNG SUNG R&D focus on design and new fresh idea all the time for development.Lately year of battery jump starter research and technology have finally been combined.
"Feel free to rescue your car and no need to identify the polarity and feel free to connect".
We call it "Unique" Jump Starter (BK-125K-01) also the jump starter use the same color with clamp. No need to identify too. Why ? Because our smart jump starter will distinguish the polarity automatically. Connect our smart jump starter clamp : one to battery positive terminal another to negative terminal and then you can jump starter your car easily. Don't worry make wrong connect. No one make this idea in the world at present. In the same time we did get Taiwan, USA and China patent on our technology. This easily and dontt be afraid jump start product use A123 Lithium-iron battery. Conserve power long time, fast to charge battery and discharge electricity at 5C/50C,small and very light almost 2.5kgs only. It is distinguishing characteristic very good than tradition Lead-acid battery. More special : whenever ay "stand by" situation, there is buzzer will appear alarm warming voice when the voltage is over low.
Also have LED light design. Makes don't be afraid cantt see anything at night.

"Unique" Jump Starter Will become your good choose.

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積順的研發團隊多年來專注於創新.? 在不斷的研究之下我們研發出一種
我們稱它為 "隨意夾" (BK-125K-01) 這也是全世界唯一的一部使用相同顏色電瓶夾的產品.)

這個輕鬆且不再令人恐懼的產品是使用 A123 鋰鐵電池,此種電池的特性是放置時間將拉長,不會流失電力,且又達到快速充放電 5C/50C,另外體積小且重量僅有2.5 KG,相對於一般的鉛酸電池特性優良許多
此產品本身也有低電壓提醒鋒鳴聲,當電力不足時會主動發出聲響提醒您該充電,夜晚時候必然是需要照明,隨意夾上也有配置一LED照明燈, 讓您不摸黑,不忙亂。

Unique Jump Starter Demonstration (隨意夾示意圖)

Unique Jump Starter Demonstration (隨意夾示意圖)

Patent Certificate (專利證書)

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