About us

Zung Sung Enterprise Co., Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 approved exporter & manufacturer of auto parts. 

Zung Sung was founded in 1989 sincerely presents customers with its qualified flasher relay , Auto Flasher , 

LED Flasher , Solenoid starter switch, Circuit breaker ..etc.

Zung Sung is the professional auto parts manafacturer and supplier, we have our own factory and the factory is located in 

Hemei township, Chang Hua county, Taiwan.

As a professional supplier dedicated in auto parts relay suppliers inTaiwan, 

Zung Sung never stops its steps on developing new products in this competitive market.
Short, small, light and thin, which is the current trend of car electric items, also inspires Zung Sung in its innovation. 

To link up with the modern electric techniques, Zung Sung combines its own special production policy with more than 33 years' experiences in battery equipments, 

aiming to make customers and users fresh-eyed with its newer and more premium products in high quality control. 

Able to produce, design and improve not only the blueprint but pilot scheme in lab or auto procedure, 

Zung Sung's product such as flasher relays owns more advantages & good chances to compete with rivals, 

meeting all clients' needs by all means.