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Module Type

Model : LM463

**12v 25w 2/6 Lamps Max 6 Lamp 

**Time To First Flash: Less Than 1.5 Seconds

** Rated Voltage: 11 to 15 Volts DC 

**Rated Load: 1 To 6 SAE Number 1156 Lamps
** Temperature Operating Range : -25∘F  to 140∘F

** Voltage Drop at Rated Current : 500mv

** Duty Cycle: 35% to 75%

** Time Flash : 60-120c/m

Front Turn Signal Bulbs Used As Daytime Running Lights(DRL)

Low Current Input DRL Control

Low Current Input Turn Signal Control

Low Current Input Hazard Warning Control

Brake Lamp Control

The module can control all the lighting functions in your automobile.

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