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Module Type

Model : LM487

A Terminal= TS S/W Right

B Terminal= Brake S/W

C Terminal= L Brake Load(TS Lift back load)(LED Lamp)

D Terminal= R Brake Load(TS Right back load)(LED Lamp)

E Terminal= Battery(Negative)

F Terminal= TS S/W Left

G Terminal= H.W. S/W

H Terminal= T.S. Left Front Load

J Terminal= T.S. Right Front Load

K Terminal= Battery(Positive)

**Shell Construction: Plastic

**12v 25w 2/6 Lamps  Brake Lamp Control(LED Lamp) Max 6 Lamp

**Time To First Flash: Less Than 1.5 Seconds

** Rated Voltage: 11 to 15 Volts DC 
** Temperature Operating Range : -30∘C to 80∘C

** Voltage Drop at Rated Current : 500mv

** Duty Cycle: 35% to 75%

** Time Flash : 60-120c/m

The module can control all the lighting functions in your automobile.

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