How to Repair or Replace Turn Signal Flasher?

You're driving down the road or highway, signaling to make a lane change, and suddenly you notice that your turn signal isn't working. It's one of those moments that can send a chill up your spine as you think about how dangerous it could be if other drivers don't see your intentions and move out of the way in time. Fortunately, this is something that most car owners can fix themselves without too much trouble - but first, you need to figure out whether it's an issue with the flasher itsel...

What is Lighting Control Modules?

In the ever-evolving landscape of automotive technology, Zung Sung Enterprise Co., Ltd stands out as a trailblazer with its advanced lighting control modules (LCMs). With a commitment to innovation and quality, Zung Sung has set a new standard in the realm of vehicle lighting, offering state-of-the-art solutions that enhance safety, convenience, and energy efficiency. Introduction As modern vehicles continue to incorporate sophisticated electronics, the role of lighting control modules has ...

What Is Turn Signal Flasher and How It Works?

Have you ever been driving and noticed the sound of a car's turn signal? That clicking noise is made by a small device called the turn signal flasher. It is an essential part of any vehicle, but most drivers don't know much about it. The turn signal flasher is a small electronic device that controls the flashing rate of your car's turn signals. When you activate your car's blinkers, the flasher turns on and sends electricity to each side of the light in order for them to flash at regular interv...

2023 AAPEX in USA

ZUNG SUNG will attend 2023 Automotive Aftermarket Products Expo(AAPEX)during October 31th-November 2nd atSands Expo & Caesars Forum Conference Center. Visiting hours: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Welcome you to visit our booth. Our booth number is J10520 Thank you!

What Is an Automotive Relay (Car Relay) And How It Works?

What Is an Automotive Relay (Car Relay) And How It Works? Have you ever wondered what makes your car's electrical system tick? The answer lies in a small yet essential component known as the automotive relay. This tiny device acts like an electric switch that can be used to control larger circuits and protect them from damage due to overloads or short circuits. In this article, we'll explore how relays work and their various types, applications, and advantages when used in...

How to Test Automotive Relay (Car Relay)?

In modern cars, the use of relays to control electrical components is essential for proper vehicle operation. Without these small devices, you wouldn't be able to start your car or turn on the headlights. But when something goes wrong with a relay, it can cause major problems that are difficult to diagnose and repair. That's why knowing how to test automotive relays is so important. In this article, we will explain the basics of how these devices work and provide step-by-step inst...

2023 TAIPEI AMPA has successfully concluded

Taipei Int'l Auto Parts and Accessories Show has successfully concluded. Thanks to every friend who came to visit our booth. See you next year!

2023 International Auto Aftermarket EXPO(IAAE) has successfully concluded

2023 International Auto Aftermarket EXPO(IAAE) has successfully concluded. Thanks to every friend who came to visit our booth. See you next year!

BF series products passed E-MARK certification

We are happy to announce that our bf series products passed E-MARK certification.

2023 International Auto Aftermarket EXPO(IAAE)

ZUNG SUNG will attend theInternational Auto Aftermarket EXPO(IAAE)during MAR.7-9 2023 at TOKYO BIG SIGHT WEST HALL 4 MAR 7.8 (10:00am-17:00pm) MAR 9 (10:00am-16:00pm) Our booth number is4020. Welcome you to visit our booth. Thank you!


ZUNG SUNG Enterprise co.,ltd will attend the Taipei AMPA during Apr 12-15 2023 at The Nangang Exhibition Center , Hall 1 Apr 12.13.14(09:00am-17:00pm) Apr15(09:00am-15:00pm) Our booth number is "I0330" Welcome you to visit our booth. Thank you!